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Fix old migration trying to use new column due to default status scope (#12095)
3 months ago
20160220174730_create_accounts.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160220211917_create_statuses.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160221003140_create_users.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160221003621_create_follows.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160222122600_create_stream_entries.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160222143943_add_profile_fields_to_accounts.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160223162837_add_metadata_to_statuses.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160223164502_make_uris_nullable_in_statuses.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160223165723_add_url_to_statuses.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160223165855_add_url_to_accounts.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160223171800_create_favourites.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160224223247_create_mentions.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160227230233_add_attachment_avatar_to_accounts.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160305115639_add_devise_to_users.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160306172223_create_doorkeeper_tables.rb Lint pass (#8876) 1 year ago
20160312193225_add_attachment_header_to_accounts.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160314164231_add_owner_to_application.rb lint pass 2 (#8878) 1 year ago
20160316103650_add_missing_indices.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160322193748_add_avatar_remote_url_to_accounts.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160325130944_add_admin_to_users.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20160826155805_add_superapp_to_oauth_applications.rb The frontend will now be an OAuth app, auto-authorized. The frontend will use an access token for API requests Adding better errors for the API controllers, posting a simple status works from the frontend now 3 years ago
20160905150353_create_media_attachments.rb Add API to upload media attachments 3 years ago
20160919221059_add_subscription_expires_at_to_accounts.rb Separate PuSH subscriptions from following, add mastodon:push:refresh task, respect hub.lease_seconds (fix #46) 3 years ago
20160920003904_remove_verify_token_from_accounts.rb Upgrade to PubSubHubbub 0.4 (removing verify_token) 3 years ago
20160926213048_remove_owner_from_application.rb Replace logo, fix #57 - delete/unreblog/unfavourite API, fix #45 - app registration API 3 years ago
20161003142332_add_confirmable_to_users.rb Adding e-mail confirmations 3 years ago
20161003145426_create_blocks.rb Adding a block model and filter mentions from blocked users (fix #60) 3 years ago
20161006213403_rails_settings_migration.rb Lint pass (#8876) 1 year ago
20161009120834_create_domain_blocks.rb Adding domain blocks 3 years ago
20161027172456_add_silenced_to_accounts.rb Adding public timeline silencing 3 years ago
20161104173623_create_tags.rb Adding hashtag model 3 years ago
20161105130633_create_statuses_tags_join_table.rb Adding hashtags 3 years ago
20161116162355_add_locale_to_users.rb Add user locale setting 3 years ago
20161119211120_create_notifications.rb Adding notifications column 3 years ago
20161122163057_remove_unneeded_indexes.rb Remove unneeded indices, improve error handling in background workers, don't needlessly reload reblogged status, send Devise e-mails asynchronously 3 years ago
20161123093447_add_sensitive_to_statuses.rb Adding sensitive marker to statuses in API 3 years ago
20161128103007_create_subscriptions.rb Adding embedded PuSH server 3 years ago
20161130142058_add_last_successful_delivery_at_to_subscriptions.rb Track successful PuSH deliveries 3 years ago
20161130185319_add_visibility_to_statuses.rb Per-status control for unlisted mode, also federation for unlisted mode Fix #233, fix #268 3 years ago
20161202132159_add_in_reply_to_account_id_to_statuses.rb Fix older migrations not working due to new default scope (#11983) 3 months ago
20161203164520_add_from_account_id_to_notifications.rb Keep timelines in the UI trimmed when possible 3 years ago
20161205214545_add_suspended_to_accounts.rb Add account suspension 3 years ago
20161221152630_add_hidden_to_stream_entries.rb Private visibility on statuses prevents non-followers from seeing those Filters out hidden stream entries from Atom feed Blocks now generate hidden stream entries, can be used to federate blocks Private statuses cannot be reblogged (generates generic 422 error for now) POST /api/v1/statuses now takes visibility=(public|unlisted|private) param instead of unlisted boolean Statuses JSON now contains visibility=(public|unlisted|private) field 3 years ago
20161222201034_add_locked_to_accounts.rb Add "locked" flag to accounts, prevent blocked users from following, force-unfollow blocked users 3 years ago
20161222204147_create_follow_requests.rb Follow call on locked account creates follow request instead Reflect "requested" relationship in API and UI Reflect inability of private posts to be reblogged in the UI Disable Webfinger for locked accounts 3 years ago
20170105224407_add_shortcode_to_media_attachments.rb lint pass 2 (#8878) 1 year ago
20170109120109_create_web_settings.rb Persist UI settings, add missing localizations for German 3 years ago
20170112154826_migrate_settings.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20170114194937_add_application_to_statuses.rb Add tracking of OAuth app that posted a status, extend OAuth apps to have optional website field, add application details to API, show application name and website on detailed status views. Resolves #11 3 years ago
20170114203041_add_website_to_oauth_application.rb Add tracking of OAuth app that posted a status, extend OAuth apps to have optional website field, add application details to API, show application name and website on detailed status views. Resolves #11 3 years ago
20170119214911_create_preview_cards.rb Fix #463 - Fetch and display previews of URLs using OpenGraph tags 3 years ago
20170123162658_add_severity_to_domain_blocks.rb Domain blocks now have varying severity - auto-suspend vs auto-silence 3 years ago
20170123203248_add_reject_media_to_domain_blocks.rb Optional domain block attribute that prevents media attachments from being downloaded 3 years ago
20170125145934_add_spoiler_text_to_statuses.rb Fix spoiler_text not having "not null" constraint 3 years ago
20170127165745_add_devise_two_factor_to_users.rb Added optional two-factor authentication 3 years ago
20170129000348_create_devices.rb API for apps to register for push notifications 3 years ago
20170205175257_remove_devices.rb Fix #61 - Add list of blocked users to the UI; clean up failed push notifications API Try to fix Travis CI setup 3 years ago
20170209184350_add_reply_to_statuses.rb Fix older migrations not working due to new default scope (#11983) 3 months ago
20170214110202_create_reports.rb Adding POST /api/v1/reports API, and a UI for submitting reports 2 years ago
20170217012631_add_reblog_of_id_foreign_key_to_statuses.rb Add foreign key to prevent reblogs of non-existent (after race conditions) statuses from happening Fix issue with detailed status view not supporting unreblogging/unfavouriting 2 years ago
20170301222600_create_mutes.rb Feature conversations muting (#3017) 2 years ago
20170303212857_add_last_emailed_at_to_users.rb Add digest e-mails 2 years ago
20170304202101_add_type_to_media_attachments.rb Fix #431 - convert gif to webm during upload. Web UI treats them like it did before. In the API, attachments now can be either image, video or gifv. Gifv is to be treated like images in terms of behaviour, but are videos by file type. 2 years ago
20170317193015_add_search_index_to_accounts.rb Make account search blazing fast and rank followers/followees higher in the results 2 years ago
20170318214217_add_header_remote_url_to_accounts.rb Federate header images, fix open-uri http->https redirection error 2 years ago
20170322021028_add_lowercase_index_to_accounts.rb More efficient single account retrieval (0.9ms vs 50ms before) 2 years ago
20170322143850_change_primary_key_to_bigint_on_statuses.rb Upgrade status IDs to bigint 2 years ago
20170322162804_add_search_index_to_tags.rb Fix full-text search query quotation, improve tag search performance with an index, add ability to open status by URL from search (fix #53) 2 years ago
20170330021336_add_counter_caches.rb Fix up null values on latest migration, add notes 2 years ago
20170330163835_create_imports.rb Import feature for following/blocking lists (addresses #62, #177, #201, #454) 2 years ago
20170330164118_add_attachment_data_to_imports.rb Add migration versions (#3574) 2 years ago
20170403172249_add_action_taken_by_account_id_to_reports.rb Add basic logging of who resolved report 2 years ago
20170405112956_add_index_on_mentions_status_id.rb Add index on mentions status_id 2 years ago
20170406215816_add_notifications_and_favourites_indices.rb Low-hanging fruit of query optimization, these indices were missing 2 years ago
20170409170753_add_last_webfingered_at_to_accounts.rb Refresh webfinger (#1323) 2 years ago
20170414080609_add_devise_two_factor_backupable_to_users.rb Add recovery code support for two-factor auth (#1773) 2 years ago
20170414132105_add_language_to_statuses.rb Add language detection (#1772) 2 years ago
20170418160728_add_indexes_to_reports_for_accounts.rb Admin reports with accounts (#2092) 2 years ago
20170423005413_add_allowed_languages_to_user.rb Filter on allowed user language preferences (#2361) 2 years ago
20170424003227_create_account_domain_blocks.rb Account domain blocks (#2381) 2 years ago
20170424112722_add_status_id_index_to_statuses_tags.rb Add index to statuses_tags#status_id (#2394) 2 years ago
20170425131920_add_media_attachment_meta.rb Add media dimensions (#2448) 2 years ago
20170425202925_add_oembed_to_preview_cards.rb OEmbed support for PreviewCard (#2337) 2 years ago
20170427011934_re_add_owner_to_application.rb Application prefs section (#2758) 2 years ago
20170506235850_create_conversations.rb Add conversation model, <ostatus:conversation /> (#3016) 2 years ago
20170507000211_add_conversation_id_to_statuses.rb Add conversation model, <ostatus:conversation /> (#3016) 2 years ago
20170507141759_optimize_index_subscriptions.rb Add effective index to subscriptions (#2885) 2 years ago
20170508230434_create_conversation_mutes.rb Feature conversations muting (#3017) 2 years ago
20170516072309_add_index_accounts_on_uri.rb Make faster ProcessFeedService (#3080) 2 years ago
20170520145338_change_language_filter_to_opt_out.rb Filter languages with opt out (#3175) 2 years ago
20170601210557_add_index_on_media_attachments_account_id.rb Add index to media_attachments.account_id (#3510) 2 years ago
20170604144747_add_foreign_keys_for_accounts.rb Fix #3550 - Add all missing foreign keys (#3562) 2 years ago
20170606113804_change_tag_search_index_to_btree.rb Lint pass (#8876) 1 year ago
20170609145826_remove_default_language_from_statuses.rb Language detection defaults to nil (#3666) 2 years ago
20170610000000_add_statuses_index_on_account_id_id.rb Add index statuses on account_id and id (#3895) 2 years ago
20170623152212_create_session_activations.rb Revocable sessions (#3616) 2 years ago
20170624134742_add_description_to_session_activations.rb Add overview of active sessions (#3929) 2 years ago
20170625140443_add_access_token_id_to_session_activations.rb Bind web UI access tokens to sessions (#3940) 2 years ago
20170711225116_fix_null_booleans.rb Fix boolean columns sometimes having a null value (#4162) 2 years ago
20170713112503_make_tag_search_case_insensitive.rb Make tag search case insensitive again (#4184) 2 years ago
20170713175513_create_web_push_subscriptions.rb Web Push Notifications (#3243) 2 years ago
20170713190709_add_web_push_subscription_to_session_activations.rb Web Push Notifications (#3243) 2 years ago
20170714184731_add_domain_to_subscriptions.rb Fix #2672 - Connect signed PuSH subscription requests to instance domain (#4205) 2 years ago
20170716191202_add_hide_notifications_to_mute.rb Lint pass (#8876) 1 year ago
20170718211102_add_activitypub_to_accounts.rb Add ActivityPub attributes to accounts (#4273) 2 years ago
20170720000000_add_index_favourites_on_account_id_and_id.rb Add index favourites on account_id and id (#4360) 2 years ago
20170823162448_create_status_pins.rb Pinned statuses (#4675) 2 years ago
20170824103029_add_timestamps_to_status_pins.rb Allow multiple pinned statuses to be shown and make them be ordered b… (#4690) 2 years ago
20170829215220_remove_status_pins_account_index.rb Remove unneccesary indices (#4738) 2 years ago
20170901141119_truncate_preview_cards.rb Make PreviewCard records reuseable between statuses (#4642) 2 years ago
20170901142658_create_join_table_preview_cards_statuses.rb Make PreviewCard records reuseable between statuses (#4642) 2 years ago
20170905044538_add_index_id_account_id_activity_type_on_notifications.rb add index_notifications_on_id_and_account_id_and_activity_type on notifications table (#4750) 2 years ago
20170905165803_add_local_to_statuses.rb Fix locking migration on statuses table. Nullable column and NO default value (#4825) 2 years ago
20170913000752_create_site_uploads.rb Uploads for admin site settings (#4913) 2 years ago
20170917153509_create_custom_emojis.rb Custom emoji (#4988) 2 years ago
20170918125918_ids_to_bigints.rb List columns within the method (#11377) 6 months ago
20170920024819_status_ids_to_timestamp_ids.rb Fix typo in a db:rollback script (#5422) 2 years ago
20170920032311_fix_reblogs_in_feeds.rb Lint pass (#8876) 1 year ago
20170924022025_ids_to_bigints2.rb Forgotten in #5039, change statuses_tags tag_id to bigint (#5070) 2 years ago
20170927215609_add_description_to_media_attachments.rb Add ability to specify alternative text for media attachments (#5123) 2 years ago
20170928082043_create_email_domain_blocks.rb Implement EmailBlackList (#5109) 2 years ago
20171005102658_create_account_moderation_notes.rb Fix old migrations failing because of new version of `strong_migrations` (#10904) 7 months ago
20171005171936_add_disabled_to_custom_emojis.rb Improve admin UI for custom emojis, add copy/disable/enable (#5231) 2 years ago
20171006142024_add_uri_to_custom_emojis.rb Encode custom emojis as resolveable objects in ActivityPub (#5243) 2 years ago
20171010023049_add_foreign_key_to_account_moderation_notes.rb Fix old migrations failing because of new version of `strong_migrations` (#10904) 7 months ago
20171010025614_change_accounts_nonnullable_in_account_moderation_notes.rb foreign_key, non-nullable, dependent: destroy in account_moderation_notes (#5294) 2 years ago
20171020084748_add_visible_in_picker_to_custom_emoji.rb Feature: Unlisted custom emojis (#5485) 2 years ago
20171028221157_add_reblogs_to_follows.rb Lint pass (#8876) 1 year ago
20171107143332_add_memorial_to_accounts.rb Add ability to disable login and mark accounts as memorial (#5615) 2 years ago
20171107143624_add_disabled_to_users.rb Add ability to disable login and mark accounts as memorial (#5615) 2 years ago
20171109012327_add_moderator_to_accounts.rb Add moderator role and add pundit policies for admin actions (#5635) 2 years ago
20171114080328_add_index_domain_to_email_domain_blocks.rb Add uniqueness to block email domains (#5692) 2 years ago
20171114231651_create_lists.rb Lists (#5703) 2 years ago
20171116161857_create_list_accounts.rb Lists (#5703) 2 years ago
20171118012443_add_moved_to_account_id_to_accounts.rb Fix old migrations failing because of new version of `strong_migrations` (#10904) 7 months ago
20171119172437_create_admin_action_logs.rb Add logging of admin actions (#5757) 2 years ago
20171122120436_add_index_account_and_reblog_of_id_to_statuses.rb Merge indexes for reblog on statuses table (#5831) 2 years ago
20171125024930_create_invites.rb Add consumable invites (#5814) 2 years ago
20171125031751_add_invite_id_to_users.rb Add consumable invites (#5814) 2 years ago
20171125185353_add_index_reblog_of_id_and_account_to_statuses.rb Merge indexes for reblog on statuses table (#5831) 2 years ago
20171125190735_remove_old_reblog_index_on_statuses.rb Merge indexes for reblog on statuses table (#5831) 2 years ago
20171129172043_add_index_on_stream_entries.rb Use disable_ddl_transaction! to prevent warnings on migration (#6183) 2 years ago
20171130000000_add_embed_url_to_preview_cards.rb Add embed_url to preview cards (#5775) 2 years ago
20171201000000_change_account_id_nonnullable_in_lists.rb Upgrade Doorkeeper to 4.4.1 (#8197) 1 year ago
20171212195226_remove_duplicate_indexes_in_lists.rb Remove duplicate indexes in lists (#5990) 2 years ago
20171226094803_more_faster_index_on_notifications.rb Use disable_ddl_transaction! to prevent warnings on migration (#6183) 2 years ago
20180106000232_add_index_on_statuses_for_api_v1_accounts_account_id_statuses.rb add index on statuses for /api/v1/accounts/:account_id/statuses (#6202) 2 years ago
20180109143959_add_remember_token_to_users.rb pam authentication (#5303) 2 years ago
20180204034416_create_identities.rb CAS + SAML authentication feature (#6425) 1 year ago
20180206000000_change_user_id_nonnullable.rb Change user_id column non-nullable (#6435) 1 year ago
20180211015820_create_backups.rb Account archive download (#6460) 1 year ago
20180304013859_add_featured_collection_url_to_accounts.rb Federate pinned statuses over ActivityPub (#6610) 1 year ago
20180310000000_change_columns_in_notifications_nonnullable.rb Change columns in notifications nonnullable (#6764) 1 year ago
20180402031200_add_assigned_account_id_to_reports.rb Feature: Report improvements (#6967) (#7000) 1 year ago
20180402040909_create_report_notes.rb Fix old migrations failing because of new version of `strong_migrations` (#11018) 7 months ago
20180410204633_add_fields_to_accounts.rb Add bio fields (#6645) 1 year ago
20180416210259_add_uri_to_relationships.rb Store URIs of follows, follow requests and blocks for ActivityPub (#7160) 1 year ago
20180506221944_add_actor_type_to_accounts.rb Bot nameplates (#7391) 1 year ago
20180510214435_add_access_token_id_to_web_push_subscriptions.rb Add REST API for Web Push Notifications subscriptions (#7445) 1 year ago
20180510230049_migrate_web_push_subscriptions.rb Add REST API for Web Push Notifications subscriptions (#7445) 1 year ago
20180514130000_improve_index_on_statuses_for_api_v1_accounts_account_id_statuses.rb fix : Disable reverted index changes (#7871) 1 year ago
20180514140000_revert_index_change_on_statuses_for_api_v1_accounts_account_id_statuses.rb Fix index detection a migration to revert index change (#8026) 1 year ago
20180528141303_fix_accounts_unique_index.rb Fix old migration script depending on the StreamEntry model (#11278) 6 months ago
20180608213548_reject_following_blocked_users.rb Migration to cleanup blocked users that are still following (#7773) 1 year ago
20180609104432_migrate_web_push_subscriptions2.rb Migrate old web push subscriptions to ensure deliveries (#7764) 1 year ago
20180615122121_add_autofollow_to_invites.rb Add autofollow option to invites (#7805) 1 year ago
20180616192031_add_chosen_languages_to_users.rb Change language opt-out to language opt-in (#7823) 1 year ago
20180617162849_remove_unused_indexes.rb Remove unused indexes (#7829) 1 year ago
20180628181026_create_custom_filters.rb Keyword/phrase filtering (#7905) 1 year ago
20180707154237_add_whole_word_to_custom_filter.rb Add option to not consider word boundaries when processing keyword filtering (#7975) 1 year ago
20180711152640_create_relays.rb Add federation relay support (#7998) 1 year ago
20180808175627_create_account_pins.rb Public profile endorsements (accounts picked by profile owner) (#8146) 1 year ago
20180812123222_change_relays_enabled.rb Expect relays to answer with accept/reject (#8179) 1 year ago
20180812162710_create_status_stats.rb Move status counters to separate table, count replies (#8104) 1 year ago
20180812173710_copy_status_stats.rb Add fallback for PostgreSQL without upsert in CopyStatusStats (#8903) 1 year ago
20180814171349_add_confidential_to_doorkeeper_application.rb Upgrade Doorkeeper to 4.4.1 (#8197) 1 year ago
20180820232245_add_foreign_key_indices.rb Add missing indices for ON DELETE CASCADE constraints (#8332) 1 year ago
20180929222014_create_account_conversations.rb Add conversations API (#8832) 1 year ago
20181007025445_create_pghero_space_stats.rb Track historical space stats in PgHero to determine PostgreSQL growth (#8906) 1 year ago
20181010141500_add_silent_to_mentions.rb Improve support for aspects/circles (#8950) 1 year ago
20181017170937_add_reject_reports_to_domain_blocks.rb Add option to block reports from domain (#8830) 1 year ago
20181018205649_add_unread_to_account_conversations.rb Add unread indicator to conversations (#9009) 1 year ago
20181024224956_migrate_account_conversations.rb Fix old migration trying to use new column due to default status scope (#12095) 3 months ago
20181026034033_remove_faux_remote_account_duplicates.rb Add locality check to ActivityPub::FetchRemoteAccountService (#9109) 1 year ago
20181116165755_create_account_stats.rb Extract counters from accounts table to account_stats table (#9295) 1 year ago
20181116173541_copy_account_stats.rb Fix slow fallback of CopyAccountStats migration setting stats to 0 (#9930) 1 year ago
20181127130500_identity_id_to_bigint.rb Change identities id column to a bigint (#9371) 1 year ago
20181203003808_create_accounts_tags_join_table.rb Add profile directory (#9427) 1 year ago
20181203021853_add_discoverable_to_accounts.rb Add profile directory (#9427) 1 year ago
20181204193439_add_last_status_at_to_account_stats.rb Add profile directory (#9427) 1 year ago
20181204215309_create_account_tag_stats.rb Add profile directory (#9427) 1 year ago
20181207011115_downcase_custom_emoji_domains.rb Fix regression in custom emoji migration (#9742) 1 year ago
20181213184704_create_account_warnings.rb Add moderation warnings (#9519) 1 year ago
20181213185533_create_account_warning_presets.rb Add moderation warnings (#9519) 1 year ago
20181219235220_add_created_by_application_id_to_users.rb Add REST API for creating an account (#9572) 1 year ago
20181226021420_add_also_known_as_to_accounts.rb Add handler for Move activity (#9629) 1 year ago
20190103124649_create_scheduled_statuses.rb Add scheduled statuses (#9706) 1 year ago
20190103124754_add_scheduled_status_id_to_media_attachments.rb Add scheduled statuses (#9706) 1 year ago
20190117114553_create_tombstones.rb Add tombstones for remote statuses (#9830) 1 year ago
20190201012802_add_overwrite_to_imports.rb Add option to overwrite imported data (#9962) 11 months ago
20190203180359_create_featured_tags.rb Add featured hashtags to profiles (#9755) 11 months ago
20190225031541_create_polls.rb Add polls (#10111) 10 months ago
20190225031625_create_poll_votes.rb Add polls (#10111) 10 months ago
20190226003449_add_poll_id_to_statuses.rb Add polls (#10111) 10 months ago
20190304152020_add_uri_to_poll_votes.rb Store remote votes URI (#10158) 10 months ago
20190306145741_add_lock_version_to_polls.rb Fix AddLockVersionToPolls migration (#10200) 10 months ago
20190307234537_add_approved_to_users.rb Admission-based registrations mode (#10250) 10 months ago
20190314181829_migrate_open_registrations_setting.rb Migrate existing `open_registrations` setting to the new `registrations_mode` (#10269) 10 months ago
20190316190352_create_account_identity_proofs.rb Add Keybase integration (#10297) 10 months ago
20190317135723_add_uri_to_reports.rb Set and store report URIs (#10303) 10 months ago
20190403141604_add_comment_to_invites.rb Add invite comments (#10465) 5 months ago
20190409054914_create_user_invite_requests.rb Add "why do you want to join" field to invite requests (#10524) 9 months ago
20190420025523_add_blurhash_to_media_attachments.rb Add blurhash (#10630) 9 months ago
20190509164208_add_by_moderator_to_tombstone.rb Record deleted(by mod) status to prevent re-appear (#10732) 8 months ago
20190511134027_add_silenced_at_suspended_at_to_accounts.rb Record account suspend/silence time and keep track of domain blocks (#10660) 8 months ago
20190529143559_preserve_old_layout_for_existing_users.rb Change default to single column UI (#10847) 7 months ago
20190627222225_create_custom_emoji_categories.rb Add categories for custom emojis (#11196) 6 months ago
20190627222826_add_category_id_to_custom_emojis.rb Add categories for custom emojis (#11196) 6 months ago
20190701022101_add_trust_level_to_accounts.rb Add a spam check (#11217) 6 months ago
20190705002136_create_domain_allows.rb Add whitelist mode (#11291) 5 months ago
20190715164535_add_instance_actor.rb Add ActivityPub actor representing the entire server (#11321) 6 months ago
20190726175042_add_case_insensitive_index_to_tags.rb Fix tag normalization and migration not removing duplicate tags (#11441) 5 months ago
20190729185330_add_score_to_tags.rb Add hashtag score for better sorting of autosuggestions (#11427) 5 months ago
20190805123746_add_capabilities_to_tags.rb Change admin UI for hashtags and add back whitelisted trends (#11490) 5 months ago
20190807135426_add_comments_to_domain_blocks.rb Add domain block notes (#11515) 5 months ago
20190815225426_add_last_status_at_to_tags.rb Add more accurate hashtag search (#11579) 5 months ago
20190819134503_add_deleted_at_to_statuses.rb Add soft delete for statuses for instant deletes through API (#11623) 5 months ago
20190820003045_update_statuses_index.rb Add soft delete for statuses for instant deletes through API (#11623) 5 months ago
20190823221802_add_local_index_to_statuses.rb Fix slow local timeline query (#11648) 5 months ago
20190901035623_add_max_score_to_tags.rb Change trending hashtags to not disappear instantly after midnight (#11712) 4 months ago
20190904222339_create_markers.rb Add timeline read markers API (#11762) 4 months ago
20190914202517_create_account_migrations.rb Add account migration UI (#11846) 4 months ago
20190915194355_create_account_aliases.rb Add account migration UI (#11846) 4 months ago
20190917213523_add_remember_token_index.rb Add users remember_token index (#11881) 4 months ago
20190927232842_add_voters_count_to_polls.rb Add voters count support (#11917) 3 months ago
20191001213028_add_lock_version_to_account_stats.rb Fix account counters being overwritten by parallel writes (#12045) 3 months ago
20191007013357_update_pt_locales.rb Fix existing user records with now-renamed `pt` locale (#12092) 3 months ago