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luzpaz 6ba52306f9
Fix typos (#19849)
3 months ago
activitypub Refactor ActivityPub handling to prepare for non-Account actors (#19212) 5 months ago
connection_pool Add request pool to improve delivery performance (#10353) 4 years ago
ostatus Remove Atom feeds and old URLs in the form of `GET /:username/updates/:id` (#11247) 4 years ago
settings Add a test for Settings::Extend#settings (#5720) 5 years ago
vacuum Fix vacuum scheduler missing lock, locks never expiring (#19458) 3 months ago
delivery_failure_tracker_spec.rb Fix single Redis connection being used across all threads (#18135) 9 months ago
emoji_formatter_spec.rb Change RSS feeds (#18356) 9 months ago
entity_cache_spec.rb Fix cache_collection crashing when given an empty collection (#15921) 2 years ago
extractor_spec.rb Spec Extractor (#3540) 6 years ago
fast_ip_map_spec.rb Add IP-based rules (#14963) 2 years ago
feed_manager_spec.rb Add ability to filter followed accounts' posts by language (#19095) 5 months ago
hash_object_spec.rb Spec HashObject (#3544) 6 years ago
hashtag_normalizer_spec.rb Change how hashtags are normalized (#18795) 7 months ago
html_aware_formatter_spec.rb Fix test-related issues (#17888) 10 months ago
link_details_extractor_spec.rb Add workaround for YouTube Shorts links (#17869) 11 months ago
permalink_redirector_spec.rb Change public accounts pages to mount the web UI (#19319) 4 months ago
plain_text_formatter_spec.rb Refactor formatter (#17828) 11 months ago
request_pool_spec.rb Add request pool to improve delivery performance (#10353) 4 years ago
request_spec.rb Fix typos (#18604) 5 months ago
sanitize_config_spec.rb Prepare Mastodon for zeitwerk autoloader (#15917) 2 years ago
scope_transformer_spec.rb Change authorized applications page (#17656) 11 months ago
status_cache_hydrator_spec.rb Fix filter handling in status cache hydration (#19963) 3 months ago
status_filter_spec.rb Record account suspend/silence time and keep track of domain blocks (#10660) 4 years ago
status_finder_spec.rb Remove Atom feeds and old URLs in the form of `GET /:username/updates/:id` (#11247) 4 years ago
status_reach_finder_spec.rb Add support for editing for published statuses (#16697) 1 year ago
suspicious_sign_in_detector_spec.rb Remove sign-in token authentication, instead send e-mail about new sign-in (#17970) 10 months ago
tag_manager_spec.rb Spelling (#17705) 11 months ago
text_formatter_spec.rb Refactor formatter (#17828) 11 months ago
user_settings_decorator_spec.rb Enable updating additional account information from user preferences via rest api (#6789) 5 years ago
webfinger_resource_spec.rb Fix typos (#19849) 3 months ago