Use BUFSIZ for the amount of data to copy through stdio.

According to the book of armaments(posix):
    Size of <stdio.h> buffers. This shall expand to a positive value.

There is also no need for the buflen variable since the size never
changes during runtime and the compiler can infer the size via
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Florian Obser 2020-12-06 11:27:43 +01:00 committed by Solene Rapenne
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commit 5a238e8666

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@ -12,7 +12,6 @@
#include "mimes.h"
#define BUFF_LEN_1 1000
#define BUFF_LEN_2 1025
#define BUFF_LEN_3 1024
#define GEMINI_PART 9
@ -100,8 +99,7 @@ display_file(const char *path, const char *lang)
FILE *fd;
struct stat sb;
ssize_t nread;
size_t buflen = BUFF_LEN_1;
char *buffer[BUFF_LEN_1];
char *buffer[BUFSIZ];
char extension[10];
const char *file_mime;
@ -122,7 +120,7 @@ display_file(const char *path, const char *lang)
status(20, file_mime, lang);
/* read the file and write it to stdout */
while ((nread = fread(buffer, sizeof(char), buflen, fd)) != 0)
while ((nread = fread(buffer, sizeof(char), sizeof(buffer), fd)) != 0)
fwrite(buffer, sizeof(char), nread, stdout);
syslog(LOG_DAEMON, "path served %s", path);