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Claire 43eff898a0
Prepare Mastodon for Rails 6 (#15911)
* Fix misuse of foreign_type

* Fix use of removed "add_template_helper"

* Use response.media_type instead of response.content_type in tests

* Fix CSV export controller test on Rails 6

Rails 6 sets a "filename*" field in the Content-Disposition header to
explicitly encode the filename as UTF-8.

This changes checks the first part of the Content-Disposition header so
it matches in both Rails 5 and Rails 6.

* Fix emoji formatting with Rails 6

* Make emoji output more idiomatic and robust

* Switch from redis-rails gem to built-in Rails redis cache storage
2021-03-17 10:09:55 +01:00
Matt Jankowski 71706f21c2 Ignore implied formats for catch all route requests (#1340)
A request to `/test` would show the custom 404 page, but a request to
`/test.test` would return a 404 with an empty body.

This change ignores the format on incoming catch all route requests, so that the
html 404 page is returned on these requests.
2017-04-09 14:39:41 +02:00