12 Commits (f6d35ed57d156f4225338a89372c8e83721e46c9)

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Eugen Rochko f6d35ed57d
Remove IP matching from e-mail domain blocks (#18190) 5 months ago
Eugen Rochko a29a982eaa
Change e-mail domain blocks to block IPs dynamically (#17635) 7 months ago
Claire 051efed5ed
Bypass MX validation for explicitly allowed domains (#15930) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko 9aa37b32c3
Add `details` to error response for `POST /api/v1/accounts` in REST API (#15803) 2 years ago
ThibG 8d217d7231
Improve email address validation (#14565) 2 years ago
Eugen Rochko bfca58d137
Fix encoding error when checking e-mail MX records (#11696) 3 years ago
Franck Zoccolo 4f0322dcae Add support for IPv6 only MXes in Email validation (#10009) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko dbb1ee269f
Improve e-mail MX validator and add tests (#9489) 4 years ago
abcang 9ad334f65c Call address instead of exchange (#8076) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko 32a4b524fb
In e-mail validator, fallback from MX to A record (#7955) 4 years ago
takayamaki 03f4c214b4 fix: Don't validate MX record in development (#7654) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko 63c7b91572 Validate that e-mail resolves with MX and it's not blacklisted (#7631) 4 years ago