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Mike Barnes 45e447c6aa Merge tag 'v3.1.5' 1 day ago
chewy Fix bookmarks also searchable (#13293) 3 months ago
controllers Merge tag 'v3.1.5' 1 day ago
helpers Refactor monkey-patching of Goldfinger (#12561) 2 months ago
javascript Merge tag 'v3.1.5' 1 day ago
lib Merge tag 'v3.1.5' 1 day ago
mailers Fix error when sending moderation notification (#13014) 5 months ago
models Bump doorkeeper from 5.3.3 to 5.4.0 (#13733) 2 months ago
policies Add ability to delete files uploaded for settings in admin UI (#13192) 4 months ago
presenters Fix n+1 query for bookmarks on statuses (#12494) 7 months ago
serializers Improve RSS entries for statuses (#13592) 2 months ago
services Merge tag 'v3.1.5' 1 day ago
validators Improve polls: option lengths & redesign (#13257) 3 months ago
views Merge tag 'v3.1.5' 1 day ago
workers Fix RedownloadMediaWorker (#13741) 2 months ago