A lightly modified copy of Mastodon, the canonical repository for Chinwag Social's live code. https://social.chinwag.org/
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Mike Barnes b2448fbe1b Merge tag 'v3.5.5' 3 weeks ago
chewy Change algorithm of `tootctl search deploy` to improve performance (#18463) 7 months ago
controllers Removed code not in upstream 6 months ago
helpers Fix errors when rendering RSS feeds (#18531) 6 months ago
javascript Merge tag 'v3.5.5' 3 weeks ago
lib Fix emoji substitution not applying only to text nodes in backend code 3 weeks ago
mailers Fix failure when sending warning emails with custom text (#17983) 8 months ago
models Fix being able to report otherwise inaccessible statuses (#18528) 6 months ago
policies Remove sign-in token authentication, instead send e-mail about new sign-in (#17970) 8 months ago
presenters Add `/api/v1/accounts/familiar_followers` to REST API (#17700) 9 months ago
serializers Fix preferred posting language returning unusable value in REST API (#18428) 7 months ago
services Fix crash when a remote Flag activity mentions a private post (#18760) 3 weeks ago
validators Remove IP matching from e-mail domain blocks (#18190) 7 months ago
views Removed several versions ago 6 months ago
workers Change search indexing to use batches to minimize resource usage (#18451) 7 months ago