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Mike Barnes 2f69e82069 Merge tag 'v3.1.2' 1 month ago
chewy Fix needlessly indexing unsearchable statuses into ElasticSearch (#12041) 6 months ago
controllers Merge tag 'v3.1.2' 1 month ago
helpers Fix punycode being rendered instead of unicode in some places (#13030) 2 months ago
javascript Fix `/web` redirecting to `/web/web` in web UI (#13128) 1 month ago
lib Merge tag 'v3.1.1' 1 month ago
mailers Fix error when sending moderation notification (#13014) 2 months ago
models Fix remote convertible media attachments not being saved (#13032) 2 months ago
policies Add announcements (#12662) 2 months ago
presenters Fix n+1 query for bookmarks on statuses (#12494) 4 months ago
serializers Fix punycode being returned in some entities instead of unicode in REST API (#13035) 2 months ago
services Merge tag 'v3.1.2' 1 month ago
validators Search account domain in lowercase (#13016) 2 months ago
views Fix misleading error when attempting to re-send a pending follow request (#13133) 1 month ago
workers Add publish/unpublish controls to announcements in admin UI (#12967) 2 months ago