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Eugen Rochko ea13e80030
New Crowdin updates (#14314)
2 years ago
environments add ssl option in smtp setting (#14309) 2 years ago
initializers Change rate limits for various paths (#14253) 2 years ago
locales New Crowdin updates (#14314) 2 years ago
webpack Bump copy-webpack-plugin from 5.1.1 to 6.0.1 (#13861) 2 years ago
application.rb Add color extraction for audio thumbnails (#14209) 2 years ago
boot.rb Fix bootsnap cache directory being declared relatively (#9511) 3 years ago
brakeman.ignore Add E2EE API (#13820) 2 years ago
database.yml config: add DB_SSLMODE for managed/remote PG (#10210) 3 years ago
deploy.rb Bump capistrano from 3.14.0 to 3.14.1 (#14037) 2 years ago
environment.rb Make PreviewCard records reuseable between statuses (#4642) 4 years ago
i18n-tasks.yml Change move handler to carry blocks over (#14144) 2 years ago
navigation.rb Add announcements (#12662) 2 years ago
pghero.yml Fix PgHero Content-Security-Policy when CDN_HOST is used (#13595) 2 years ago
puma.rb Add PERSISTENT_TIMEOUT option (#11756) 2 years ago
routes.rb Disable E2EE API routes for the next release (#14283) 2 years ago
secrets.yml Upgrade to Rails 6 years ago
settings.yml Admin setting to disable default follows (#12566) 2 years ago
sidekiq.yml Change trending hashtags to not disappear instantly after midnight (#11712) 2 years ago
themes.yml Add a light theme (#7027) 4 years ago
webpacker.yml Bump webpacker from 3.5.5 to 4.0.2 (#10277) 3 years ago