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Mike Barnes 836322a3af Revision CW3 4 weeks ago
controllers Fix typo in source `setted`->`set` (#18385) 2 months ago
fabricators Fix report category not being saved in REST API (#17682) 4 months ago
features Add submit button to the top of preferences pages (#13068) 2 years ago
fixtures Fix some link previews being incorrectly generated from other prior links (#16885) 8 months ago
helpers Spelling (#17705) 4 months ago
lib Change RSS feeds (#18356) 2 months ago
mailers Fix failure when sending warning emails with custom text (#17983) 3 months ago
models Change unapproved and unconfirmed account to not be accessible in the REST API (#17530) 1 month ago
policies Spelling (#17705) 4 months ago
presenters Add `/api/v1/accounts/familiar_followers` to REST API (#17700) 4 months ago
requests Further preparation for Rails 6 (#15916) 1 year ago
routing Move create/destroy actions for api/v1/statuses to namespace (#3678) 5 years ago
serializers/activitypub Fix account URI in UpdatePollSerializer (#11194) 3 years ago
services Fix NoMethodError when resolving a link that redirects to a local post (#18314) 2 months ago
support Spelling (#17705) 4 months ago
validators Remove IP matching from e-mail domain blocks (#18190) 2 months ago
views Redesign /about when already logged in (#17348) 4 months ago
workers Fix single Redis connection being used across all threads (#18135) 2 months ago
rails_helper.rb Fix single Redis connection being used across all threads (#18135) 2 months ago
spec_helper.rb Improve tests involving push_bulk (#17508) 5 months ago