A lightly modified copy of Mastodon, the canonical repository for Chinwag Social's live code. https://social.chinwag.org/
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Mike Barnes 45e447c6aa Merge tag 'v3.1.5' 2 months ago
controllers Fix media attachment enumeration 2 months ago
fabricators Add more tests for ActivityPub controllers (#13585) 4 months ago
features Add submit button to the top of preferences pages (#13068) 6 months ago
fixtures Add noopener and/or noreferrer (#12202) 11 months ago
helpers Add ability to filter audit log in admin UI (#13381) 5 months ago
lib Improve RSS entries for statuses (#13592) 4 months ago
mailers Add password challenge to 2FA settings, e-mail notifications (#11878) 1 year ago
models Add remote only to public timeline (#13504) 4 months ago
policies Change admin UI for hashtags and add back whitelisted trends (#11490) 1 year ago
presenters Admission-based registrations mode (#10250) 1 year ago
requests Fix localization test failing due to order of locale definitions (#12393) 10 months ago
routing Move create/destroy actions for api/v1/statuses to namespace (#3678) 3 years ago
serializers/activitypub Fix account URI in UpdatePollSerializer (#11194) 1 year ago
services Fix not being able to resolve public resources in development environment (#13505) 5 months ago
support Fix base64-encoded file uploads not being possible (#12748) 8 months ago
validators Search account domain in lowercase (#13016) 8 months ago
views Remove Atom feeds and old URLs in the form of `GET /:username/updates/:id` (#11247) 1 year ago
workers Fix RefollowWorker not keeping show_reblogs setting (#12707) 9 months ago
rails_helper.rb Bump sidekiq from 5.2.7 to 6.0.4 (#11727) 6 months ago
spec_helper.rb Move rspec examples to tmp dir (#12539) 10 months ago